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1059 Multi-ISO HF RFID Reader For Motorola MC70/75/75A

1059 Multi-ISO HF RFID Reader For Motorola MC70/75/75A

This reader provides the Motorola™ MC70, MC75 and MC75A with the functionality of reading and writing most 13.56MHz ISO transponders. The HF RFID reader is powered from the Motorola terminal and houses both the RFID reader and the antenna.

The Motorola MC70/75/75A retains the original laser bar code functionality as well as the original communications platform housed within the terminal. The HF RFID reader provides the ability to read and write to a wide variety of transponders at 13.56 MHz including ISO 15693, ICODE (I & II) and the complete Mifare family of ISO14443 (A&B).

Part No.

1059-01-SO-MC70-RFID – Multi-ISO HF RFID Reader for Motorola MC70/75/75A

Product Description

  • Features

    Performance Characteristics

    RF Transmit Frequency :13.56MHz

    Supported RFID Standards :ISO14443A, ISO14443B, ISO 

    15693,ISO 18000-3, ICODE

    Reading distance;Up to 8cm (3?) using ISO7810 size credit card format transponders

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