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1134 Low Frequency RFID Reader For Motorola MC55/65/67

1134 Low Frequency RFID Reader For Motorola MC55/65/67

This snap-on peripheral provides the Motorola™ MC55, MC65 and MC67 with dual LF support at 125kHz and 134.2kHz. The LF RFID reader is powered from the Motorola terminal and houses both the RFID reader and the antenna. The Motorola MC55/65/67 retains the original laser bar code functionality as well as the original communications platform housed within the terminal. The reader remains compatible with existing MC55/65/67 accessories such as the single slot cradle and car charger.

The LF RFID reader provides the ability to read and write to a wide variety of manufacturer specific transponders including NXP (Philips) HITAG, EM Microelectronic and Texas Instruments.

Now also available for the US

Please note: Use of this snap-on with the MC65 requires OEM OS version 2.40.0211 or higher – please update terminal before using accessory.

Part No.

1134-01-SO-MC65-LF-RFID – 1134 Low Frequency RFID Reader for Motorola MC55/65/67

Product Description

  • Features

    Performance Characteristics

    RF Transmit Frequency :125kHz, 134.2kHz

    Supported RFID Standards :ISO 11784, ISO 11785,

    ISO 18000-2

    Supported Tag-ICs 


    –  Sokymat Q5

    –  EM Microelectronics EM4x02, EM4x05 (ISO FDX B), EM4x50

    –  Texas Instruments 64bit Read Only, 64bit Read Write, 1088bit Multipage

    Typical read time (serial number only):

    HITAG 2 – 30ms

    HITAG S – 59ms

    EM4002 – 65ms

    EM4005 – 58ms

    EM4050 – 95ms

    Q5 – 55ms

    Texas Instruments – 93ms

    Host interface :Serial interface on COM2 of MC55/65/67, ASCII or Binary Protocols 9600bit/s to 115200bit/s 8,N,1.

    Reading distance :Dependent on transponder type and antenna. Typically up to 8cm for Texas Instruments 32mm glass, up to 6cm for EM4102 30mm diameter disc.

    Current consumption

    < 100mA during RFID read

    < 60mA in idle mode

    < 30mA in standby mode shutdown mode

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