Impinj Xspan

Impinj xSpan improves the item visibility throughout your facility or across your global supply chain. The xSpan Gateway is a fixed infrastructure RAIN RFID reader system thatprovides always-on monitoring and movement detection of tagged items. Within the RFIDecosystem, readers and gateways perform the essential role of connecting tagged items tosoftware-based business solutions.

Its features & benefits includes:

  • Continuous Rectangular Area Monitoring providing up to 1,000 sq. ft. coverage.Ideally suited for spaces such as hospital and conference rooms, mid-size retail spaces,hallways and portals.
  • Movement tracking and item identification empowers loss prevention systems, entry and exit event detection, and other portal and tag direction applications that require bidirectional movement monitoring.
  • Easy to Use, low-profile and light-weight for easy installation on both ceiling and walls.
  • Peak performance ensured at all times with patented Autopilot functionality which automatically optimises settings for its environment.

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