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Rfid Special Tags

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Special RFID tag designing

Owing to complex business situations organizations nowadays often require tailor made RFID solutions which entails customized designing of RFID tags as well. Perfect RFID excels in designing specific RFID tags that optimizes unique RFID applications. These RFID tags are not only modified as per the requirement of the comprehensive RFID solution but are also cost effective, sustaining the RFID application for maximum efficiency. With the details you provide Perfect RFID can design RFID tags swiftly in time with the implementation of your RFID solution. We have successfully executed projects involving special tag requirements e.g. motor windshield tags, special tolling antennas.

RFID Testing

The essence of the RFID deployment lies in the data link that the tag has with other hardware components. This communication of the tag is very vital and demands for methodical testing of the tag’s performance in the RFID application .Perfect RFID’s tag testing service aids to comprehend the performance of this crucial piece in the overall RFID technology being applied. A quantitative data can be acquired on various parameters like read range, directionality of the tag etc enabling a better designing of the application.

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